Free People, in Six Code Red Shades

We’re proud to have everyone’s favorite bohemian fashion brand, Free People, among our retail partners, and we loved seeing their studio team experiment with Code Red! Each team member picked one shade from our collection of ultra-creamy, highly-pigmented red shades that were made for every complexion.


“Our Free People studio team can’t get enough of these luscious red hues,” reads the feature. It discusses our founders’ mission to amplify cultural awareness through beauty, and how red lipstick is a timeless, statement accessory. 

Then Jane, Riana (Assistant Stylists), Emily (Studio Operations Coordinator), Zoe, Nadia (Styling Sample Coordinators), Belle (Sample Coordinator) and Camy (Styling Assistant) all describe their skin tones and select their Code Red shades.

They each share their experiences with the application of the lipsticks, mentioning how smooth and easy it is to put on, and then share their thoughts about red lipstick in general.

“I love a red lip because of the power it has carried throughout history,” says assistant stylist Riana, whose Code Red shade match is Rooi.

Check out the full feature on Free People’s website, to read each team member’s feedback – plus, see their stunning photographs modeling the spectrum of Code Red shades! 

August 01, 2023 — Enas Hamdan
Tags: Articles