If you’re a CTZN of the world with a non-Caucasian complexion, you’ve probably had a hard time finding your perfect nude – whether it’s in ballet slippers, bras or beauty products. That’s because nude has traditionally been defined through a very narrow lens. We’re here to widen that lens, because we believe that ‘nude’ should reflect the spectrum of skin tones of CTZNs across the globe.

Every Shade Tells a Story

Many of us beauty consumers have experienced that moment – browsing online or in stores, on the lookout for that ideal lip shade, only to be met with a limited range that doesn’t fully suit our complexions. Beyond just being a problem with makeup shades, this shows an overall lack of representation in the beauty industry, where more and more consumers are demanding makeup that matches their skin tones.

The Richness of Global Beauty Traditions

From the golden tans of sun-kissed beaches to the deep earthy hues of ancient terrains, every region and culture comes with its own signature shades of beauty. We believe that these vibrant traditions, immersed in history, deserve to be front and center in our beauty conversations!

CTZN’s Pledge for Authentic Representation

(Un)learning Nude signals a wake-up call and a commitment to recognizing the countless shades in the beauty spectrum. Providing makeup options that cater to our global CTZNs is what constantly drives and motivates us. That’s why we created our award-winning Nudiversal Lip Duos and Lipstroke liners, which have been especially tailored to flatter a diverse range of complexions with just a single swipe.

Be Part of the CTZN Movement

Find your perfect nude match from our range of ultra-creamy and highly-pigmented vegan-friendly shades. Join us in our mission to increase representation, and embrace a broader, more genuine vision of beauty. Together, let's reshape the beauty narrative to make sure that every CTZN feels seen, and celebrated! 

September 06, 2023 — Enas Hamdan
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