In honor of Pride Month, Jonathan Lam talks about how makeup has helped him embrace authenticity

In our trademarked Culture-Torial series this month, our CTZN Jonathan talks about how makeup has helped enhance his confidence, creativity and connection with community.

On Confidence:

“I've always had a hard time expressing myself, especially when it came down to my sexuality. Through makeup, I was able to learn how to confidently be 100% authentically myself. 

On Creativity:

I remember the days I would watch my mother apply makeup, and ask her if I could put some on as well. I was then told makeup is only made for women and that men shouldn’t dabble in feminine behavior. This did not stop my fascination. I would wait until 3 a.m. when my parents went to bed, lock my doors, bust out my secret stash of makeup and practice until I was satisfied. I then would upload photos of each of my looks to social media, and it helped connect me with other LGBTQ creators.

On Community:

The community I was a part of uplifted me and taught me that makeup is non-conforming and should be used to express your personal style. With makeup, I’ve learned that I can portray what I feel internally, externally.”


Watch Jonathan use his favorite CTZN products while he tells us about his journey with cosmetics. He applies our new Eye Elements dual-ended vegan eyeshadow stick in shade Moon Medium, and wears our Nudiversal Lip Duo in Cannes. A touch of mascara and swipe of blush completes his dreamy, neutral look. 

If you’d like to take part in our #GRWM Culture-Torial series, which aims to spread cultural awareness and promote inclusivity through beauty (and was recently featured by Forbes) please get in touch! 

P.S. If you think Jonathan looks familiar, it’s because he starred in our Eye Elements launch campaign!
June 20, 2023 — Enas Hamdan